Sihor Introduction & Geography

Sihor, placed along the river Gautami, this erstwhile capital of the Gohil Rajputs, surrounded by hills is situated about 20 km from Bhavnagar. It becomes Sihor by corrupting its name from Saraswatpur, Sinhalpur, Sinhpur - Sinhapur (formatted as Sinhapura also in English references at few places), Sinhor, and, Shihor.

Sihor finds its references since Bronze Age and Indus Civilization, a medium sized yet unique ancient town is a year round destination, but best time to visit and enjoy this place is from July through February. Buzzing with various activities, industries and traffic, it's a busy yet peaceful place. Significantly famous for its Education, Philanthropy, Food, Entrepreneurship, Trades and Socialism, Sihor at present, is poised at transitional space of time, with many of its relics struggling. One of few forgotten historical entities is very crucial role of Sihor in the modern history and culture of Sri Lanka.

Regionally, Sihor is all-time famous and known for its hills, their rock pattern, Gautameshwar Mahadev & Lake, Sihor's Festivals, Navnath Pilgrimage (Navnath Yatra) of Shiva Temples, Brahma Kund, 'Sihori Rajwadi Penda' (Chocolate Cake), old town's ascends and descends, walled city and fort, narrow lanes, Nana Sahib Peshwa and the 1857 revolt, its food and delicacy, Copper-ware & Brass-ware, Pottery, snuff manufacturing factories, Rolling Mills and Industrial Plants. And a few among the old generation have remembrance of story of Prince Vijay (Vijaya), the son of Sinhabahu of Sihor (Sinhapur of past). Known as 'Saraswatpur' during Mahabharata period and 'Sinhpur'/'Sinhalpur' after that, locally in Gujarat, it is often regarded as 'Chhote Kashi' (sub-version or model of Kashi - Varanasi - Banaras) also.

Major points of attraction in Sihor are the 12th century Brahma Kund (a stepped tank surrounded by idols of Hindu deities) - built by Raja Siddharaj Jaisinh, Gautameshwar Temple & Lake, Sihor's hills and treks, and the 17th century Vijay Vilas Palace of the Maharajahs, with fine paintings and wood carvings. The another archaeological ancient site of Saat Sheri (a mountaintop or a mound) along with some of the 9 (Nine) major Shiva temples are an important pilgrimage worth visiting. Other tourists interest in and around the town include the Khodiar Mata Temple and the Sihori Mata Temple – which offers panoramic view over Gautameshwar Lake and the whole town. The old fort of Sihor with its wall art is worth a visit.

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