Welcome to Sihor : The Historical Legacy

Established along river Gautami, Sihor (Gujarati: સિહોર, Hindi: सिहोर :: Corrupt name from सिंहपुर - Sinhpur) is quite an ancient, historical town and now a medium sized city, a municipality in Bhavnagar district in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Sihor, the erstwhile capital of the Gohil Rajputs (Sisodiya-Suryavanshi Rajputs), is an ancient town located in the Bhavnagar District, Gujarat. Surrounded by hills, it is situated about 23 km from Bhavnagar. Rulers of Bhavnagar and Sihor have been noble, kind, farsighted, adventurous and royal, which is evident not just in the historical accounts and books, it is the people who are proud of them, they speak up from their heart.

Sihor has been a happening center hosting variety of businesses and industrial activities for centuries. Be it Manufacturing of Brass and Copper wares, Ceramics & Pottery, Snuff works and allied products, Agriculture Products, Oxygen Plants, Iron & Steel Plants, Rolling Mills associated with Asia's largest Alang Ship Breaking Yard. There are many other biz/industrial activities taking place in Sihor as of now. All chief communities of Sihor have contributed greatly to the progress, prosperity, growth and development of Sihor.

Presently, Sihor represents a typical Indian cosmopolitan settlement accommodating people from various states. Earlier it was purely an estate of Brahmins donated back to them by Gohil Rajputs with capital changing to Bhavnagar from Sihor. It has been a seat of learning, scholarship, spiritualism, art, culture, charity and entrepreneurship.

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